What’s In the Bag?

The BAG IT resource features a specially-designed patient navigation binder and a USB wristband. The information, tools, tips and resources provided help newly-diagnosed cancer patients and their families to cope with the diagnosis and become active members of their treatment team.


What’s in the Bag?

  • A specially-designed patient navigation binder
  • Reliable publications about coping with diagnosis and treatment AND
  • A pre-loaded USB wristband.


  • Cross-reference guide to publications (print & digital formats) and website for additional cancer resources
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  • Helpful tips for getting through treatment and beyond on each section divider
  • Forms to record your personal information, contacts, medical history, and medications
  • Calendar to keep track of appointments, side effects, and/or notes
  • Places to keep copies of all labs, reports, referrals, and diagnostic testing
  • Notepaper to jot down your questions and comments for office visits for later reference
  • Treatment summary and follow-up care plan form for completion by your medical team
  • 5 reliable printed booklets from the National Cancer Institute and the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship:


Teamwork – The Cancer Patient’s Guide To Talking With Your DoctorTeamwork – The Cancer Patient’s Guide To Talking With Your Doctor

Recommended first reading. Helps with cancer words and questions to ask your doctors.

Taking Time

Helps with your emotions and relationships. Discusses the many emotions that come with having cancer, as well as how to communicate with others.

Eating Hints for Cancer PatientsEating Hints: Before, During & After Treatment

Tips on nutrition, eating concerns, and foods and drinks to help.

chemotherapy-and-you-1Chemotherapy and You

Questions and answers about chemotherapy, possible side effects, ways to manage them, and communicating with your medical team.

When Someone You Love Is Being Treated For CancerWhen Someone You Love Is Being Treated For Cancer

Helps family members and friends to take care of themselves while caring for someone with cancer. Special sections for helping children and teens cope.


  • Pre-loaded with all the publications as well as the printable forms, in PDF format
  • Read, print, copy and/or email publications to others
  • Easy to use and portable to travel with you
  • Compatible with PC or Mac computers
  • usb-bracelet

  • 4 GB of storage enables you and/or your medical team to quickly save your medical records onto the USB. Great way to store a back-up copy.
  • Pre-loaded with two additional National Cancer Institute publications:
facing_forwardFacing Forward: Life After Cancer Treatment

Addresses concerns people have after completing cancer treatment.

Download – Facing Forward: Life After Cancer Treatment

radtherapyRadiation Therapy and You

Questions and answers about radiation therapy, possible side effects, ways to manage them, and communicating with your medical team.

Download – Radiation Therapy And You


Disclaimer: BAG IT is a non-profit corporation with the charitable purpose of helping newly-diagnosed cancer patients cope with their diagnosis and treatment by providing a bag with nationally recognized, research-based publications and organizational tools, including a navigation binder and USB flashdrive. The information provided by BAG IT is not intended to be construed as medical, legal or financial advice. BAG IT is not responsible for any unauthorized additions to this bag. For specific medical advice, diagnosis and treatment, contact your personal physician. The resource links listed in BAG IT are not intended to be an endorsement of information or services. BAG IT makes no representation or warranties pertaining to the publications provided and is under no duty to update this bag as these publications change.

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