Volunteers are vital to the organization. They include cancer survivors, their families, their friends and anyone who has a big heart and a willingness to support BAG IT and individuals diagnosed with cancer.



    •  Assist with fundraising activities and events in Phoenix, Tucson and throughout the state
    • Serve as an Ambassador in your community (Training will be provided & bilingual individuals are always needed to help with events)
      • capAn Ambassador (Community events) will participate and attend different events around town to share BAG IT information
      • An Ambassador (Presenter) will go out into the community and provide a presentation about BAG IT to different organizations
    • Knit or crochet caps for the winter months to include in bags for our patients (Click here for a few patterns or you can simply search the web for chemo caps and find many patterns)

Communities outside Arizona:

  • Assist in implementing the BAG IT program in your community
  • Raise funds to bring BAG IT to your hometown

Donated services are another way to support the cause:

  • Public relations
  • Printing/mailing
  • Typing/data entry
  • Provide leads for grants and sponsorship opportunities
  • Climate-controlled storage

Please contact Lisa at lisa@bagit4u.org or 520-575-9602 for more information.

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