Why the USB wristband?

The USB wristband is just one more way to reflect your organization’s commitment to providing your patients with well-coordinated, high quality cancer care. Information sharing, patient access to their medical records, and providing reliable patient resources and education all go far to ensure that your patients are engaged and get the care and support they need.

Information sharing & storage: with 4GB capacity, there’s plenty of room to copy patients’ records onto the USB so they and other members of their health care team have easy access to their reports, scans, treatment plan, advance directives, etc. It’s compatible with a PC or Mac computer.

Convenience: The USB wristband is pre-loaded with all the publications and binder forms in PDF format – no internet access needed. Patients can read, print, and/or copy them onto another device and email them to share information with caregivers, family, and friends.

“Green” and portable: Saves paper and printing. Lighter and ideal for patients who travel. It’s especially valuable as a backup in case of emergency or disaster.

How do I add or delete documents on the USB wristband?

It’s easy!

  1. Pull open the wristband to reveal the USB inside.
  2. Insert the USB into an available port on a PC or Mac computer.
  3. Just copy or “drag and drop” patients’ medical records such as their treatment plan, copies of reports, scans, labwork onto the USB wristband. You can create one or more folders if you or the patient desires.
  4. To delete a document, click on the document and find the “delete” button or simply move it to the recycle bin – the same way that you would any other file on your computer.
  5. Be sure to safely remove the USB flashdrive from the computer when you are finished.

What if I am unable to copy the patient’s records and/or reports onto the USB wristband for them?

Provide the patients with printed copies of the documents to keep in their binder as you did previously. Let them know that they can easily scan the documents at home and copy (or drag and drop) them onto the USB wristband themselves.

How do I explain a BAG IT bag to patients?

Doctor, navigator, nurse or other trained designee should sit down with the patient as soon as possible after diagnosis. In about three minutes, review the contents of the binder and ideally insert the USB wristband into an office computer to show them the contents on the launch page – no internet access needed. Click below for a handy reference to use while presenting a bag to a patient.

Download the Quick Start Guide here
Video – How to use the BAG IT bag

Is the Spanish bag identical to the English bag?

Essentially yes, with one important distinction. Based on your feedback to focus more attention on Complementary Health Approaches, the Spanish bag (only) includes a printed document in the “During Treatment” section of the binder and on the USB wristband. This link is also referenced on the binder index and the dividers. The English version of the document is found on the USB wristband.

How many bags come in a box?

There are six bags in a box (English or Spanish).

How do I order bags?

If you are already providing bags at your facility click here to order online (preferred method).
You can place your order by email or phone as follows:
Email: orders@bagit4u.org OR call: 520-575-9602
For either method, please provide:
* Your name, email and phone number.
* Organization name and full address.
* Number of boxes you require in English or Spanish. If you need less than a full box of six Spanish bags, please specify.
* Indicate if you would like to receive chemo caps for your patients during the months of September through April (knitted by our volunteers).

If you are new to BAG IT and interested in providing bags in your facility please email joyce@bagit4u.org for additional information.

Does every patient receive a BAG IT bag?

Please distribute the BAG IT bag to ALL newly-diagnosed patients as part of their routine initial visit. BAG IT bags were not meant for selective distribution. It is important that this happens early in their cancer journey, as there are specific resources included to assist patients at the critical time of diagnosis. If a patient is not ready to use the bag right away, please give it to a family member/friend/caregiver accompanying them. They can pass it on to the patient when they are ready and/or use the bag to assist the patient and to help themselves.
Provide the bag to other patients that you think might benefit from the information and support in BAG IT such as patients facing a recurrence who did not receive a bag.

As a medical provider, can I add my own materials to the bag and/or USB wristband?

You are welcome to add pertinent cancer-specific and treatment information, additional resources, etc. to the bag and/or the USB wristband to make it more personalized for each patient. We do ask that you maintain the integrity of the bag as provided to you by BAG IT, and that you do not remove any BAG IT identification or otherwise represent it as your organization’s resource without our prior approval.

How can I order knitted chemo caps for our office?

When placing your online order you can indicate on the form that you would like chemo caps. Alternatively, you can let us know by emailing orders@bagit4u.org and we will include them with your next delivery. (During the months of September through April)

In which languages is the BAG IT bag available?

The BAG IT bag is available in English and Spanish.

How can my office/organization make a donation to

Please call us at 520-575-9602 to talk about a sponsorship. You can also make a donation here.