Interested in distributing BAG IT bags to your patients? Available in English and Spanish

How would the BAG IT bag benefit my patients?

The BAG IT bag assists newly-diagnosed cancer patients of any gender, age, or cancer type, at a critical time – right after their diagnosis. It benefits patients receiving all cancer treatments: oral and infused chemo, radiation therapy, surgery, etc. The information is designed to help them and their caregiver/family/friends to cope with their diagnosis, move more competently through the treatment process, empower them to become an active member of the treatment team, and transition to follow up care. Available in English and Spanish.
BAG IT helps Fight the Fear.

Why should my organization provide BAG IT bags?

Distributing the BAG IT bag to your newly-diagnosed cancer patients reflects your organization’s commitment to providing your patients with well-coordinated, high quality cancer care. Ensuring they have easy access to reliable patient education and resources as well as their medical records goes far to engage your patients in their care and give them the support they need.

Your practice or organization also benefits from having better informed and more involved patients. Using the bag will help them to:

  • Have a better understanding of their cancer and how to monitor/manage symptoms/side effects
  • Ask better questions and share in decision making
  • Express their concerns, values, and wishes
  • Organize their personal information and records in one place

All of which can also:

  • Help you meet accreditation guidelines and requirements
  • Improves adherence to treatment
  • Save you time/costs.

Is there a financial obligation to provide BAG IT bags?

Please contact for information on a suggested tax-deductible donation to help cover the costs of providing BAG IT bags to your patients.

How do I get more information or place my first order?

Please email for more information and to get started.

What’s in the bag?

FAQs about the bags

Thank you for your interest in BAG IT!