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Organization Questions

  • How many people does BAG IT help?
    • Since 2003, BAG IT has helped more than 73,000 newly-diagnosed cancer patients.
  • Can BAG IT refer me to a physician?
    • BAG IT does not provide medical referrals. The information provided by BAG IT is not intended to be construed as medical advice.
  • Is BAG IT run by volunteers?
    • Through their varied service, a large number of volunteers enable us to extend the reach of BAG IT far beyond our small staff.
  • Is BAG IT a nonprofit? How is it funded?
    • Yes, BAG IT is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. We are supported by medical providers, individual donations, foundation grants, corporations, and through our fundraising events In local communities.
  • What are the ways I can support BAG IT?
    • There are many ways to support BAG IT. You can volunteer, make a donation, provide in-kind services or let people know about BAG IT. See our Get Involved page for options.
  • Does BAG IT provide financial assistance?
    • While BAG IT does not provide financial assistance, our resource page lists organizations that specialize in financial assistance for people affected by cancer. Click here for resource page.
  • How can my company, organization or foundation support BAG IT?
    • You can support BAG IT financially, by providing volunteers or in-kind services. Please contact our Executive Director, Mindy Griffith:mindy@bagit4u.org or 520-575-9602.
  • What kinds of fundraising events does BAG IT do?
    • We do all kinds of fundraisers! Hikes, wine dinners, chili challenges, golf outings, and mah jongg tournaments are a few of the fundraising events hosted by and for BAG IT. We have also been the fortunate beneficiary of many community events and campaigns held by various businesses and affinity groups that want to support cancer patients in their local community.
      If you or your organization are interested in sponsoring an event for BAG IT or putting on an event to benefit BAG IT, click here.

BAG IT Bag Questions

  • How do I use the patient navigator binder?
    • Take it with you to every appointment. Customize the binder to your personal needs to help you to stay organized.  Your binder is divided into three sections: Getting Started, During Treatment, and After Treatment. Each section contains helpful tips, critical information and resources, forms and places to record details and store personal medical data and documents.
    • To view our video “How to use the BAG IT bag” click here.
  • How do I use the USB wristband?
    • It’s easy! Use it as another way to access the publications/ resources and to store electronic copies of your important medical records.
        • Pull open the wristband and insert the USB into a PC or Mac computer.
        • Click on Start Here/Empiece aquí to read or print the publications and/or forms in PDF formats. No Internet access needed unless you want to email documents or visit a website.
        • Take advantage of its 4 GB storage and portability. You and/or your medical team can copy (or drag and drop) documents like your medical reports, scans, lab work, treatment care plans, advance directives, etc. onto the USB. Great way to back up your information!
        • Be sure to safely remove the USB from the computer when you are finished.

      To view our video “How to use the BAG IT bag” click here.

  • Does BAG IT help caregivers and family members?
    • Absolutely!  We added the publication When Someone You Love is Being Treated for Cancer to the BAG IT bag JUST for you! It helps with ways for you to take care of yourself while caring for someone with cancer. There are special sections for helping children and teens cope. Click here.
      How do I get a BAG IT bag for myself or someone else? Click here for more information.
  • I’m a medical provider – how do I order a BAG IT bag for our patients?
  • How much does a BAG IT bag cost?
    • Your medical provider may provide bags free of charge so please check with them first. If your provider does not offer BAG IT bags then you may order one from BAG IT. We do appreciate a donation of $40 to help cover the approximate cost of the bag. If you are unable to make a donation please contact us.
  • Where can I find cancer resources?
    • Our website offers a multitude of resources on a variety of topics. Click here.
    • More resources are found in the navigation binder on the dividers, index and on the USB.
  • In which languages is the BAG IT bag available?
    • The BAG IT bag is available in English and Spanish.

Have a question not listed above? Email us and we will contact you with a reply: info@bagit4u.org

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