Announcing BAG IT’s New Executive Director!

BAG IT names Mindy Griffith as Executive Director

Effective May 1, 2017 the BAG IT Board of Directors has named Mindy Griffith as the new Executive Director.

Founder Sherri Romanoski will take on the new role of Senior Advisor for the organization. She plans to spend more time with her 5 adorable grandkids, family and friends. “It feels right for my path to take a new direction. I remain passionate about our mission and will continue to support BAG IT in this new role going forward,” said Sherri.

“The Board, the staff, and myself – are extremely supportive of Mindy Griffith as our new Executive Director,” said Sherri. “Mindy has been the Volunteer & Event Coordinator with BAG IT for over a year and has proven her dedication to our mission along with strong leadership skills. She developed our Ambassador program, expanded our Volunteer base, conducted major fundraising events, and assisted in a variety of other capacities.” Mindy’s training and experience as a teacher, school administrator, program coordinator and non-profit board member provide her with the skills, knowledge and passion to move BAG IT forward.

Mindy has a Master’s Degree in Education from Ohio University and has been engaged in key leadership roles in other Tucson non-profits. We welcome her with open arms as she helps guide BAG IT in Educating, Supporting & Empowering individuals to Fight the Fear!

How do BAG IT Volunteers make a difference?

Volunteers are a valuable part of any nonprofit and BAG IT is fortunate to have some wonderful individuals who take time out of their busy lives to volunteer and support us on a regular basis.  We appreciate that you share your skills, talents, time and heart for BAG IT!


How do BAG IT Volunteers make a difference?  They . . .

  • Make chemo caps
  • Write thank you notes
  • Help with inventory
  • Serve as Ambassadors in the community
  • Make up our Board of Directors
  • Help with our fundraising events (Take a Hike in Tucson and Be There in Phoenix)
  • Assist with our bookkeeping
  • Take pictures
  • Provide Spanish translations

For some people volunteering is about giving, but for the likes of our volunteers it is a way
of living.

What our volunteers have to say:

“When I was introduced to Bag It, by a co-worker, I was looking for a way to give back. We were relatively new to Tucson and had lost quite a few family members and close friends to all types of cancer. . I feel I get so much more from this Organization than I give. Every year that goes by I meet new people, get to reconnect with old friends, but most importantly, I am surrounded by such a positive, uplifting bunch of people no matter what the Event. This will be my 10th year volunteering with BAG IT and I am honored they let me keep coming back!” – Anne

“I volunteer at BAG IT because I love seeing the smiles on patients when they share how our “BAG ITs” have touched their lives and helped them in this most trying time. So being at a booth and spreading the word on all we do, makes me feel connected to our community and part of something amazing.” – Jacque

“While everyone is so busy these days, it’s important to remember that people are in need and appreciate your help.”  – Stan

Thank you for being a Volunteer!  – Sherri, Joyce, Mindy & Annettra

Thank You From BAG IT

Women of Influence Awards 2017

A New and Improved BAG IT

In the words of Bob Dylan “The Times They Are A-Changin”

And… so is BAG IT!

These days, the vast majority of us utilizes some type of computer or mobile device virtually every day (okay, more like 24/7!). You’ve probably noticed that most medical providers have adopted electronic medical record systems in their offices too. But guess what – those systems don’t often speak the same language. What’s a patient to do?bag_binder_pubs_usb_flat

Answer – Bingo!  Use BAG IT to keep copies of your own information!

At BAG IT, we’re all about patient education, support and empowerment to Fight the Fear of cancer. That’s why earlier this year we gathered a group of doctors, nurses, cancer survivors, caregivers, social workers, and community health workers – those in our community who distribute the bags and those who use them –  asking for their input on our update of the BAG IT resource. Their feedback was thought-provoking and very much appreciated!


We are happy to report that we just launched the newly revised bags (English and Spanish)!

EVERY bag still includes the navigation binder and the trusty printed NCIpublications that everyone loves, PLUS a USB wristband that’s:

  • Pre-loaded with all the publications and printable forms found in the binder. Patients can read, print, email, copy (to another device), and share information with caregivers, family, and friends.
  • 4 GB storage to store copies of reports, scans, lab work, advance directives, etc. Great back-up of important documents.
  • Works in PC or Mac. No internet access needed.
  • “Green,” portable, and perfect for snowbirds!

For patients, the bag is more versatile, streamlined and contains more survivorship and quality of life resources and links.

For medical providers, information sharing, patient access to their medical records, and providing reliable patient resources and education all go far to ensure that their patients are engaged and get the care and support they need. It also helps medical providers to meet some key quality measures of CMS’s Oncology Care Model, CoC, or other accreditation guidelines.

Check out the new BAG IT resource

If you aren’t getting some great information on how to cope with your cancer diagnosis and treatment from your doctor, you should be. Ask for it. Advocate for yourself. Learn how to be part of your own treatment team.


Submitted by Sherri Romanoski

BAG IT Founder

Cancer Survivor

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