What Sherri is doing now.

Sherri Romanoski, Founder of BAG IT, transitioned from the position of Executive Director to a new role of Senior Advisor in April, 2017. This is a blog about what she is doing now with and for BAG IT.

So everyone asks….are you really retired? The answer is a robust “NO!” But I was very ready to slow down, change gears somewhat, enjoy the people in my life more (my five grandchildren, family and friends) and take time for things I really enjoy. This transition took a lot of planning and patience, but it is actually happening! (Look for my next blog on the complex subject of Founders leaving organizations.)

So what does a Senior Advisor do? I get to focus on areas that benefit BAG IT but also tap into my skills acquired over the years working with BAG IT, my classroom teaching, curriculum writing, and grant writing. Who gets to do that? Use all their skills and experience to advance a worthwhile effort? A very happy person!

Grant writing is a technical skill that benefits an organization to bring in much needed revenue as well as raise awareness and effectiveness of programs. Since April, I have been focused on submitting or helping with submissions of 15 grants for both BAG IT and one of its programs, ESCAPE to Thrive Leadership Conference for Cancer Advocates. We are hopeful that many will award funding. Our grants are submitted to foundations, corporations, and partners.

ESCAPE to Thrive Leadership Conference for Cancer Advocates was launched in 2011. It’s an interesting story…BAG IT had been helping USOncology with its Life Beyond Cancer Conference (LBC) for survivors for eight years beginning in 2003. Those of us who developed, organized, and managed the conference had a hope – to someday support survivors who were encouraged to return to their communities from Life Beyond Cancer and fill gaps in cancer care with organizations, programs, and efforts. In essence, become advocates. (The seed for BAG IT was actually planted at this conference in 2001 when my mom and I, both cancer survivors, attended and got truly inspired.) After much deliberation, when the LBC run came to a close, the key people were tired and ready to move on. Except for me. With approval from a very understanding BAG IT Board that was willing to pilot an extremely unique conference, we launched ESCAPE to Thrive. That was seven years ago. I am responsible for its development, conceptual framework, and management with tremendous support and expertise from our amazing BAG IT staff. The topics, attendees, speakers, and schedule changes each year but fundamentally, it supports cancer advocates in the tremendously tough job they do in educating and supporting cancer patients.

ESCAPE to Thrive is a lot of heart-wrenching work on many levels. I love it. I hope I have the energy to keep doing it and we can get enough financial support to continue this supportive program for fellow advocates. It’s our gift to them.

The third and most lovely task I have is to mentor and support our new young leader and Executive Director, Mindy Griffith. She believes so much in our work, is anxious to learn, and shows an intense desire to lead BAG IT to its next level. I have been a teacher in one form or another since 1974. Mentoring Mindy is a joy and I anticipate and expect great things from her….including change!

All you need to know about Peer To Peer Fundraising (P2P)!

  What is Peer To Peer Fundraising?

  • Peer-to-peer fundraising is a method of fundraising that leverages BAG IT supporters to fundraise on its behalf.
  • It’s also known as social fundraising, personal and/or team fundraising, or P2P fundraising.
  • It gives people the opportunity to ask their entire network to contribute to a cause that is close to their heart.


What does Peer-To-Peer Fundraising mean for BAG IT?

This is a great opportunity for BAG IT as it allows us to:

  • reach new networks of people,
  • provide those that already know and support BAG IT an opportunity to share with their family, friends and colleagues the BAG IT mission and vision,
  • help us reach our fundraising goals!


Why support BAG IT with Peer To Peer Fundraising?

  • To help ensure that BAG IT can continue to Educate, Support and Empower newly diagnosed cancer patients at no charge.
  • To let others know that you love BAG IT and believe in its cause to Fight the Fear of Cancer.
  • To help BAG IT reach far beyond the boundaries of their database.



How can I join in?

  • Build your page and start helping raise money for BAG IT – it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!  

Start Here!

  • Support a BAG IT friend by donating to their P2P Fundraising campaign!

Find a BAG IT Friend


The Fight the Fear Peer To Peer Challenge has been set and this year’s goal is $5,000!  


Can BAG IT count on your support?  To give you a bit of an incentive we will give each person who creates a P2P page one raffle ticket for every $50 you raise!  This special raffle ticket will give you the opportunity to win the P2P Mystery Basket!  What is in this mystery basket?  Oh we can’t tell you just yet however we will be dropping clues every so often!  Keep checking our blog posts!  

(Winner need not be present…we will be happy to deliver the basket to the winner.)

Last year BAG IT launched  Peer 2 Peer Fundraising (P2P) at the TAKE A HIKE event in Tucson. We hope to have more hikers/walkers participate and even those that are unable to join us on Nov. 12th can help BAG IT with this fundraising challenge and help us reach our $5,000 goal!  

A good friend of BAG IT, Anne, was one of the top fundraisers last year.  We asked Anne to answer a few questions regarding her experience.


Why did you decide to do P2P fundraising?
This was the best way to get the word out to my friends and family . I have friends all over the country and my family is still back east. It was easy.

How did you spread the word to family and friends?

I posted P2P on FB. This is the only form of social media I have. I sent an email link to those that do not use FB.

How much time did you spend each week on communicating to others?

Every other day I would link with a new message, something to catch their attention. I would respond to donations with a thank you as well. All total, not more than a few minutes each time…it’s so easy, really.

I know that each of your supporters received a thank you acknowledgement from BAG IT, did you also thank each one?
Yes, I thanked each person via FB or email, but I also sent a personal Thank you card to each one.

Are you planning on doing P2P again this year?
I have posted my P2P page already. It was definitely easier this year with the new program.  It only took about 5 minutes. I hope to win the top prize so if you want to beat me you better get started!

Thank you Anne for your dedication to BAG IT. We appreciate your time, talents and support that you give to us!  

For additional information please contact Lisa at lisa@bagit4u.org

Ambassadors Wanted

Volunteer with BAG IT
Volunteers are a valuable part of any nonprofit and especially for BAG IT! We are fortunate to have some wonderful individuals who take time out of their busy lives to volunteer and support us on a regular basis. Being a small staff we NEED help! We are currently looking for BAG IT Ambassadors throughout the state!

Our Ambassadors serve at health fairs and other community events throughout Arizona! We love to be present as these are wonderful opportunities to share BAG IT! We provide you with all the training and materials to ensure you are comfortable in this important position.

We would love to have you join our team of Ambassadors. To become a BAG IT Ambassador, to find out more about upcoming training opportunities or for additional information regarding volunteering for BAG IT, please contact Lisa at lisa@bagit4u.org

Announcing BAG IT’s New Executive Director

BAG IT names Mindy Griffith as Executive Director

Effective May 1, 2017 the BAG IT Board of Directors has named Mindy Griffith as the new Executive Director.

Founder Sherri Romanoski will take on the new role of Senior Advisor for the organization. She plans to spend more time with her 5 adorable grandkids, family and friends. “It feels right for my path to take a new direction. I remain passionate about our mission and will continue to support BAG IT in this new role going forward,” said Sherri.

“The Board, the staff, and myself – are extremely supportive of Mindy Griffith as our new Executive Director,” said Sherri. “Mindy has been the Volunteer & Event Coordinator with BAG IT for over a year and has proven her dedication to our mission along with strong leadership skills. She developed our Ambassador program, expanded our Volunteer base, conducted major fundraising events, and assisted in a variety of other capacities.” Mindy’s training and experience as a teacher, school administrator, program coordinator and non-profit board member provide her with the skills, knowledge and passion to move BAG IT forward.

Mindy has a Master’s Degree in Education from Ohio University and has been engaged in key leadership roles in other Tucson non-profits. We welcome her with open arms as she helps guide BAG IT in Educating, Supporting & Empowering individuals to Fight the Fear!

Shout Out to the Radiology Ltd. Community

What a wonderful show of support from the Radiology Ltd. community in Tucson.  

I attended my first BAG IT event on Friday July 28, at the Radiology Ltd. located at Carondelet. They held two two Bake Sales/Root Beer Float fundraisers in July with 100% of the collected proceeds going directly to BAG IT.  What could be better than root beer floats on a hot Tucson day!  

I was very impressed with Guest Services Representative Nadia Jimenez.  She enthusiastically coordinated more than 10 coworkers to donate cash, baked or bought goodies and Pepsi Co. to donate the rootbeer to ensure that more dollars could benefit BAG IT!  Together with Professional Relations Representative Laura De La Torre, they invited staff and patients to stop by to choose an afternoon goodie or take them up on their offer of a root beer float made to order, dropping in a donation to help support BAG IT!

Our information table was visited by many people that stopped to learn more about how BAG IT helps newly diagnosed cancer patients and their families Fight The Fear of cancer.  Several who had received a bag from their doctor shared how helpful it was to them personally.

What a fun and easy way for an office group to support BAG IT and expose others to BAG IT and the great work we do!  Thank you to Radiology Ltd. for their ongoing support of BAG IT.  We appreciate you! And thanks to BAG IT volunteer Natalie Ireland for helping to make the event a success.

If you are interested in holding an event to support BAG IT please contact our Volunteer & Event Coordinator, Lisa, at lisa@bagit4u.org to set something up today.  Every little bit helps us continue to provide the BAG IT resource bag at no charge to patients to help Educate, Support & Empower them on a difficult journey.

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